Services and Consultancy

We provide technical consultancy and reviewing services, both locally and in collaboration with AspenTech to our clients, in numerous areas, including the following:

  • Plant simulation model development.
  • Refinery LP model development.
  • DBN and capacity enhancement studies.
  • Process improvement studies/revamps.
  • Reactor model development and tuning.
  • Column rating and revamp studies.
  • Heat exchanger and compressor monitoring systems.
  • Dynamic simulation and control systems improvement.
  • Heat-exchanger design and retrofit.
  • Pipeline and network simulation.

Local Support

In partnership with Aspen Tech's and Seeq Global Support Center, we provide local support to our customers in Pakistan. Our support includes:

  • Web-based support portal for effective query tracking and archiving and complete synchronization with corporate email support.
  • Pakistan Process Simulation Forum for discussion of ideas and best practices amongst the Pakistani Engineering community.
  • Customized onsite support program designed to specifically address customer needs and increase the benefit of Aspentech’s software to the organization.
  • 24/7 email and phone availability to talk to our support experts who will guide you through your queries.
  • Designated support consultant who will look after reactive and proactive support.
  • Show-casing your efforts in formats of success stories and presenting them in local and international forums.