Make Network Secure against Cyber Attacks


The Solution is designed to accelerate Digital Transformation by providing exceptional Network Visibility, Threat Detection & Operational Insight for Industrial Operations Technology (OT) and Internet of things (IoT) Environments. With this Solution, we make it possible to tackle escalating Cyber Risks to Operational Networks while modernizing your Business to succeed in the future.


What can be done?

Analyze What is in your Network and How it is behavingProvides Centralized OT and IoT Security and Visibility, no matter how large or globally distributed your business is.Reduces the risks for large OT sites like critical and infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation, etc.Provides Time Saving Dashboards, Forensic Tools and Unified Security for Thousands of Distributed Sites.Enhances cyber resiliency and saves time with Automated Asset Inventory.Provides Extensive Node information and identifies Risks such as Alerts and Vulnerabilities.Provides instant Awareness of your OT/IoT Networks and their Activity Patterns.Presents key data such as traffic Throughput, TCP Connections and Protocols used between Nodes and ZonesIdentifies Cybersecurity and Process Reliability Threats.Detects Early stage and Late stage Advanced Threats and Cyber Risks.