Refinery Planning & Scheduling


This Solution is designed for Planners to make fast, accurate and optimal decisions about feedstock
selection, process runs and product mix while considering numerous other factors, such as changing
market demands and price volatility. It is a vital solution for Production Planning & Optimization to
achieve greater Profits and huge Milestones.

What can be done?

 Determine Optimal Operating Conditions for a Refinery or Olefins Plant
 Seize Spot Purchase Opportunities
 Secure long-term Feedstock Purchases
 Identify Trading, Blending and Exchange Opportunities for quick Profit
 Optimize Supply Chains and Value Chains
 Make decisions faster to respond to opportunities and upsets, such as turnarounds, unplanned
shutdowns and weather events
 Reduce number of crudes in the slate while improving inventory and tank management, as well as
crude scheduling
 Address difficult operational requirements and Mitigate business risk by running more scenarios to
understand impact of uncertain variables, like price and capacity
 Increase operational stability and reduce the number of crude switches using crude basket reduction
 Prevent costly mistakes and save time reviewing plans
 Improve decision-making through more accurate assays and cut-point optimization

How it will benefit?