AI Bases Failure Prediction

The AIoT Hub is the cloud-ready Industrial AI infrastructure that delivers the vision for the Self-Optimizing Plant. It provides the integrated data management, edge and cloud infrastructure, and a production-grade AI environment to build, deploy and host Industrial AI applications at enterprise speed and scale.

What can be done?

  • Analyze How to Unlock Business Value from Industrial Data with Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)?
  • The Cloud-Ready Infrastructure for Industrial AI.
  • Harness the Power of Industrial Data from Historian to Cloud.
  • Integrate industrial data across existing data historians with cloud-ready solutions.
  • Achieve maximum performance, security and deployment flexibility for stranded industrial data.
  • Enable enterprise-level MES servers to act in concert to manage data – at scale.
  • Aggregate, contextualize and mobilize data across contributing sites for enterprise-level access.
  • Enhance data preparedness and accessibility for AI-enabled capabilities.
  • Driving Growth with Prescriptive Maintenance in Food and Beverage Processing.