From big manufacturing data's to Decision making parameters.

Perform data analytics on real time and previous data to improve and swift decision-making processes.

Push Boundaries of what's possible

Deliver capital savings, maximize operational performance and uptime, improve safety and accelerate innovation by automating workflows.

We believe in Human Resource development

We deliver corporate and public trainings.

Our Solutions

This Solution is pioneer in picking up a most cost effective and efficient decision out of bunch of decisions. It will give you an accurate, comprehensive bad-actor list, quantified by lost revenue and production not just by maintenance.

The Solution is designed to accelerate Digital Transformation by providing exceptional Network Visibility, Threat Detection & Operational Insight for Industrial Operations Technology (OT) and Internet of things (loT) Environments.

This Solution is designed for Planners to make fast, accurate and optimal decisions about feedstock selection, process runs and product mix while considering numerous other factors, such as changing market demands and price volatility.

This Solution is designed to automate and digitize the data driven activities in a process and manufacturing industries. The loT Hub is the cloud-ready Industrial Al infrastructure that delivers the vision for the Self-Optimizing Plant.

We provide state of the art training services for Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling, Advance Process Modeling and Human Resource development.

Complex requirements and systems require a different approach to managing implementation projects and we have evolved the right framework through experience over the years.

It provides the integrated data management, edge and cloud infrastructure, and a production-grade AI environment to build, deploy and host Industrial AI applications at enterprise speed and scale.

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