Phi Tech Solutions was established in 2005 with a vision to automate the process industry of Pakistan. PhiTech Solutions partnered up with the well-known process simulation company AspenTech. Over the course of time PhiTech established its self as pioneer of providing automation in Pakistan.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in providing globally-competitive, simulation-based solutions to the operating and engineering services companies in the process industry of Pakistan.

Our Mission

To jointly create measurable business value for our clients through our solutions, in terms of:
• Increased technical expertise, productivity and innovation.
• Reduced energy consumption.
• Increased production.
• Increased plant availability.
• Improved plant design through modifications.
• Efficient trouble-shooting of operations.
• Profitable decisions and plans.

Our Philosophy

In order to achieve our mission, we provide comprehensive software-based solutions that go far beyond just providing the correct technical software to a client. The main components of our solutions are:
• Commercial licensing, installation and deployment of software.
• Standardized local training courses at client-site and at public venues.
• Local support program, web based portal and discussion forum.
• Model development and application services.

Industries we serve

Our expertise is mainly focused on the following industrial sectors:
• Oil and Gas (exploration and production).
• Petroleum Refining.
• Fertilizer.
• Chemical and Polymer.
• Engineering Services.