Nazomi Networks

Nozomi Networks is a company which developed an online industrial cybersecurity platform designed to monitor real-time threats. The company was established in 2013 by Andrea Carcano and Moreno Carullo. Nozomi Networks aims to innovate cybersecurity and operational control practices for business in the industrial sectors. Nozomi Networks is based in San Francisco, California.

Nozomi Networks’ offers several products for its clients:

The SCADA guardian series provides passive network traffic analysis in combination with its real-time threat detection, while its advanced version provides a more proactive version of threat and vulnerability detection.

For clients with multiple industrial facilities, Central Management Console provides a more unified cybersecurity management system for the SCADA guardian series, which can also be integrated with Nozomi Networks OT Threat feed (an advanced contextual-based threat detection system).

Nozomi Networks products are primarily used by businesses operating in the industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, oil, and gas.

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